Two recommended resources for Sophomores

Hey, just wanted to point a few resources that all Sophomores should know about because I have been using these ever since I figured out about them and they really help.

Career Center – Schedule a first appointment, and from then on you will realise why this is an excellent resource.

Academic Advising – All general questions about credits/major ect. can be fixed with an appointment here. I had an issue because none of my two assigned advisers are in too much contact with me or reply to emails….. so I fixed an appointment to get some answers, and even when they cannot answer, they refer you to someone who can. Very good resources.

Enjoy guys, someone please comment or something so I feel like our blogs are actually read/my fellow bloggers are still alive haha.



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  • SYE:

    Dhruv – Thanks for the great advice on getting in touch with the Career Center & Academic Advising offices! They are great resources for all students, not just sophomores!

    Keep up the great work; love reading your posts!

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