Welcome to Dhruvtopia!

Summer is ending and dear old freshman year has left us all. It is time to think about what this new year holds in store for us. Will Mr. Sophomore year be as crazy? Will he be a bore that never wants to do anything exciting making us long for our good friends, Freshman year and Senior year High School? Or will he be the kind of friend whom you can have a blast with but count on for deeper things too? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer but I do know that there are tons of things that I am looking forward to.

Despite the increased difficulty of courses, our knowledge of university events, and resources is significantly larger. While everything may not be new anymore, there maybe a different excitement in knowing how to stay on top of all commitments, and understanding which events are must-attends and which are not so fly. (Aka where the free shirts and free food await us.) It will also be great to escape the stigma of “freshman” and join the (relatively higher) BOSSITUDE that comes with the term “sophomore”.

My name is Dhruv Chatterjee. I am a prospective Economics Major, and here are a few things I love: The good parts of life, food, music, Manchester United, and my shoes. I look forward to embarking on this journey with my fellow sophomores, and just like you, can only hope for an awesome year ahead.


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