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Hell Week

Well, last week was definitely my first hell week of this year. It felt like there wasn’t enough time in the week to study for financial accounting and psychology, write an IDS paper, do stats homework, hold office hours, and go to Hillel and RHA meetings. Needless to say, though, I made it. Alive.

Most of us have had a week like that, and if you have not, you probably will. It literally feels like you are helpless, and it’s miserable. The thing is though, you aren’t helpless. This is what helped me out. I was procrastinating with my work and not really being efficient, and that is why I was so stressed out. Once I organized my stuff and planned my schedule, I felt relieved.

We have to find a balance so that we can cope with stressful situations like these but not be so free and uninvolved that you lose your edge. I don’t pull all-nighters in the library, but I get my work done and see my friends regardless. This is healthy. We are on our own here, without our parents guiding us every step of the way. It’s a scary thought, but if I can do it, then you probably can too. Take this as a bit of inspiration. Be smart, get your work done, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.