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Back in School!

It is now halfway through our third week back at school (though today was only the 10th school day) and I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m sure that everyone takes a different amount of time to adjust back to college life, especially lazy, unproductive people like me who are being suddenly overwhelmed with responsibilities. Once I got back from Italy, the most mentally trying activity I was required to participate in was doing the family’s grocery shopping. That’s not to say that I didn’t do anything academic, but it was all by my own choice. However, now I am doing hours of homework a day. Last year I was more eager to do my work, but this year I look at the tiny scribbles covering my agenda with dread, but a healthy dose of resignation. Though I don’t want to stay up past my desired bedtime to do exercises in my Italian 201 workbook, I do. That really is the bottom line, of course; I can be internally whiny and disgruntled all I want as long as I suck it up and go through with it in the end.

My life is not all about work, though. I’ve spent a lot of time recently decorating my dorm. I absolutely love my new dorm! Clifton Tower suites have a living room, kitchen, and personal bathroom in addition to the bedroom, which means I can move around and not live my life at this desk. I still use the microwave for an unfortunate amount of meals, but at least I have the option of a stove now. The decorations are all gorgeous, but they reveal a curious difference between me and my roommate. I always imagine myself as a more subdued type of person, but my style choices have proved that wrong. My comforter is a rainbow. Then, when I was picking out sofa cushions, I picked out ones with a rainbow pattern! I’m not really a rainbow person, but I like living surrounded by life, so I pick out bright, cheerful colors. Next to my crazily colorful half of the room lies my roommate’s space. Her theme is relatively easy to describe: black and white. Literally. Apart from the exception of one lime green pillow, each and every one of the decorations picked out by my roommate is black, white, or a classy mix of the two. Apparently of the two of us, I am the more bubbly. Still, it worked out for the best because no matter how funky my color choices are, our halves of the room will never clash badly.

I’ve also had two chapter meetings with my lovely sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. As wonderful as it was to be lazy this summer, I do love getting to see my college friends on a regular basis again. Though I miss my birth family, my sisters are always supportive and fun! But to go back to what I said earlier, right now I need to fulfill my homework obligations for the night. I hope everyone out there is adjusting well to school once again!