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The Beginning (Sort of)

Spring semester has now come and gone. The grass is green again, and the weather is warm and clear. I can feel a great sense of vitality within me as it drains out of everyone else. Ah, the omnipresence of geriatrics. Hello, Florida. I am home.

Freshman Year fades away as the dawn as Sophomore Year approaches. My first year at Emory was great, but I’m expecting my second year experience to be even better now that I’ve gotten my feet wet in Atlanta. I’ve realized my journey towards life and reality is rapidly narrowing. My exploratory classes are over as I have finally chosen my major and minor: Psychology and Film, respectively.

Involved. Serious. Responsible. These are characteristics I must master being if I want to have any chance on becoming a Psychology grad student and (eventually…hopefully) a Clinical Psychologist. And so here I am. Beginning with this first entry, I am determined to document most of my epiphanies, opinions, musings, silly thoughts, questions, important events that I will discover and experience. Hopefully some can learn from my writings, or, at least, relate to them. As an avid blogger since middle school, I only hope I can give a thorough account of anything I believe necessary and important to anyone’s Second Year Experience (SYE) here at Emory.