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Two recommended resources for Sophomores

Hey, just wanted to point a few resources that all Sophomores should know about because I have been using these ever since I figured out about them and they really help.

Career Center – Schedule a first appointment, and from then on you will realise why this is an excellent resource.

Academic Advising – All general questions about credits/major ect. can be fixed with an appointment here. I had an issue because none of my two assigned advisers are in too much contact with me or reply to emails….. so I fixed an appointment to get some answers, and even when they cannot answer, they refer you to someone who can. Very good resources.

Enjoy guys, someone please comment or something so I feel like our blogs are actually read/my fellow bloggers are still alive haha.



American IDIOT, NYC and other less exciting stuff.

So I just got back from my first visit to New York City. That place is crazy awesome. In exchange for baby-sitting my two nephews, my cousin got me tickets to the broadway show “American Idiot”, and being a heee-uge Green Day fan, it was  a dream come true. Unfortunately Billy Joel wasn’t there to play St.Jimmy, I missed him by a couple days but Davey Havoc did an epic job nevertheless. I believe everyone is really energized and wowed after their first trip and I was no different. COLD, very COLD. But that is offset by it’s pure AWESOMENESS. Central park is also an amazing place to chill out, clear your head, do some writing or work.

Other news; I’ve been using the career center more often, as I have more direction on where I want to go, and I think everyone should get on this because it is an amazing resource.It helps with major questions, internships, resumes, whatever you need basically. Wherever you are in your search, give them a call, fix an appointment and you will feel good that you went.

That’s all for now.


Dhruv Chatterjee

“Venice Beach and Palm Springs, Summer [2010] is everything.” ~Snoop Dogg

June 16, 2010 – Well the previous two introductory entries were required for pre-screening to become an SYE blogger.  Now that I’ve gotten approval, I’m ready to start writing about my summer so far!


I’ve been home for a month in Sugar Land and it has been very relaxing.

I have two unpaid internships that are pretty flexible and undemanding: one at a Burnett, a human resources staffing firm, and another at Raymond James, a brokerage company.

Seeing as how I literally gained the Freshman Fifteen,  I also subscribed to L.A. Fitness for a month, which so far has done me good by pressuring me to exercise daily.

I’ve visited my high school teachers and Color Guard dance team, receiving a lot of encouraging advice and remarks on how much I’ve changed.


Of course, my leisure time is spent with old friends, the majority of which include:

Yaasha Hasan—my best friend who I got close with my upperclassmen years of high school.  She is gorgeous, funny, and deep.  She’s also coming to Emory as a freshman next year!

Samantha Advincula— another close friend I’ve gotten to know senior year.  She is extremely sociable and enthusiastic, finding excitement and meaning in everything she does.  I’ve adopted this spiritedness and it has helped me through the best and worst of times J

Elizabeth Blanke and Mollie Tillman—whom I’ve both known since seventh grade, my oldest lasting friends in Sugar Land.

Christine LoPiccolo—my friendly high-schooler neighbor who I go run with and update about college life.


Last year I worked as a server at Applebees and a local café, but this year I cannot find a seasonal position anywhere!  I only discovered some network marketing schemes which I (now regretfully) had turned down because of the risk.  As a result, it is quite frustrating to experience my first summer with NO INCOME—especially when it’s needed to fund a 2.4 GHz 13-Inch MacBook Pro.  I had no laptop my first year and made do with desktops at Woodruff, which was not too inconvenient, but I still would like to be able to write essays in my dorm or on the quad.

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

30 June 2010 [Edited on July 11]

Salut à tous!

C’est moi, Hillary (my name sounds really awkward in French). As my study of French progresses, I have learned a few interesting phrases relating to animals. To never show up to an event you RSVP’d to is called “mettre un lapin” [to put in a rabbit] (I guess like how a magician can make rabbits disappear in their hats? I have no idea.) To have a bad memory translates to “Avoir un cerveau de poisson” [to have a fish brain] (Dory, anyone?). And to stop going off on a tangent means “retournons à nos moutons” [return to our sheep].

So… return to our sheep we shall. Let’s talk about Emory stuff! So, there is a little less than 2 months of summer left until my sophomore year begins. Since I like to go with the flow of things, I don’t really have very many specific goals for next year… except to keep my GPA up. I also plan on volunteering at Skyland Trail every other weekend. It’s a day facility for those with mental illnesses. Since I want to work with mentally ill patients for my career, I’m pretty stoaked to volunteer.

I’m also excited about my classes next semester. I’m taking two Psychology classes (Child Development & Neuropsychology of Childhood Disabilities) and two Film Studies classes (History of Film to 1954 [with Dr. Pratt! He's super rad] & the French New Wave) + Martial Arts…like a boss. I switched French 101 for the French New Wave because I figured I’d know all the French 101 stuff by then… and having tons of foreign language busy work everyday isn’t cool. Plus, I only know about Godard and Truffaut. I need to expand my Nouvelle Vague horizons. But… that means I have an 8:30am class everyday. Be forewarned: I’ll definitely be complaining about that more when school starts! (I’m the college kid who stays up until sunrise everyday)

But I’m definitely looking forward to DJ-ing again. I cohost a radio show (“Ready for the Weekend”) on Fridays from 4-6pm with my awesome friend, Fahad. It’s an electro/synthpop/80s new wave show. Fahad plays more upbeat electronic stuff whereas I love darkwave and heavier beats (like VNV Nation, one of my favorite bands for almost 8 years now). I guess I still have the goth Hillary from middle school lingering inside of me. But I assure you, we aren’t a pretentious indie radio show. We love taking requests and we play some popular stuff (Fahad and I like MGMT, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Matt & Kim, etc.) and I’ll totally groove to 3Oh!3 and Lady Gaga. But we mostly play new, up-and-coming electro bands. We like to be ahead of the curve. :] And since Fahad is from Dubai, he knows a lot of music that is popular in Europe and Asia but has failed to become famous here.

Random: Seeing as I love film and psychology, I found this small list to be quite awesome: Famous Movie Psychos. All of those movies are great. I especially love Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho”, but who doesn’t love narcissistic  psychopaths who listen to Phil Collins, Huey Lewis & The News, and Whitney Houston when they brutally murder their innocent victims?

And of course there is Alex DeLarge. I wouldn’t necessarily call him a psychopath but he’s definitely not your normal, standard person either.

Goodness is something to be chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.

Alex DeLarge from "A Clockwork Orange"

Not going to lie. Malcolm McDowell is gorgeous in this movie in some twisted, perverse way.

…There must be someone else who agrees with me, right?

Also, this:

Lego Norman Bates? Hell yes. :]

Anyway, it’s 3am. Time to watch another movie. I’m thinking the classic “The Gods Must Be Crazy”… and so now I’m thirsty for some Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle (the only way it should be consumed!).

À bientôt! :]