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15 Days Until School…

Feels weird that summer is almost over. Just got back from a two week vacation in Turkey and now I only have a couple weeks left at home. I’m already all over OPUS for some last minute class changes and have started getting back into a school mood and getting ready to go back. Still have a lot to do though (like going to all my favorite restaurants, getting school supplies, etc) and not much time but i’m sure i will figure it out.

Another big thing coming up soon is declaring my major. I guess I have been pretty set on business and psychology since first semester last year, but Im definitely going to make it official right when I get back to campus. I’ve wanted to do business ever since i applied to Emory and am getting ready to apply to the b-school, but I got interested in psych after taking Psyc 111 with Lilienfeld in fall 2009, which is a great course. I also ready this really good book about the psychology of snap judgements and first impressions this summer called Blink, which pretty much solidified my interest in psychology. Inception might have played a small role too.

I might try to use these two majors together and go into marketing after I graduate. I worked at a marketing agency in NYC this summer that actually works with Playboy, which is awesome, and that got me interested in the idea of marketing. I am also really into finance and international business and I know that psychology will help in general with life, if not directly with my career.

Still, on a finishing note, this was a great summer. Pretty sad that it is ending, but school this year will be a good time. 15 days…

And Time Marches On…

Ciao, Emory!

I hope you are all having as great a summer as I am. I’ve had a glorious past few weeks doing nothing productive in the slightest. When I got home from Italia, it took me a grand total of TEN days to recover from jet-lag. While my family enjoyed watching the insanity, I most definitely did not have fun. Even at college, I need to be in bed by midnight to be coherent the next day, and suddenly I was staying up the equivalent of 4am or later (Italian time). I became so giddy that I started spelling everything instead of saying it. Now that I am fully recovered (finally), I have been spending most of my free time, whatever time I have between acting as chauffeur and grocery-shopper for my family, creating my “I-studied-for-a-month-in-Italy-and-took-way-too-many-pictures-of-landscapes” scrapbook and watching the second and third seasons of Bones. The creation of my scrapbook was coming along nicely until I ran out of double-sided photo tape after the first ten pages. The organization of 450+ pictures into a cohesive album is a more trying task than I had first anticipated, but I am determined to see it through. Watching Bones is a much simpler pastime. It is a show that never fails to entertain, even when watching three consecutive episodes.

The more time I spend at home, the more eager I am for my second year at Emory. It’s not that I don’t love having some free time and seeing my family, but I miss being in school. I’m an English major and Italian minor, which means I’m studying what I love. I’ve always heard that when your work is something you love, then you never do a day of work in your life, and that is what school is for me. In addition to two interesting English classes and another round of Italian next semester, I’m also going to try my hand at Anthropology 201, which will be the first science I have taken so far at Emory (and, to be honest, likely the last science I take at Emory). I’m a bit anxious about it, of course, but I hope that the fact that I think anthropology is a fascinating subject will balance out the sudden influx of science into my schedule. I am excited to see all my friends again, especially my sorority sisters from Sigma Delta Tau. In number, there is a lot of time left of summer, but we all know that it’s going to slip by before we know it, for better or for worse.

For now, arrivederci. Go out and enjoy that summer sunshine!