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Two recommended resources for Sophomores

Hey, just wanted to point a few resources that all Sophomores should know about because I have been using these ever since I figured out about them and they really help.

Career Center – Schedule a first appointment, and from then on you will realise why this is an excellent resource.

Academic Advising – All general questions about credits/major ect. can be fixed with an appointment here. I had an issue because none of my two assigned advisers are in too much contact with me or reply to emails….. so I fixed an appointment to get some answers, and even when they cannot answer, they refer you to someone who can. Very good resources.

Enjoy guys, someone please comment or something so I feel like our blogs are actually read/my fellow bloggers are still alive haha.



American IDIOT, NYC and other less exciting stuff.

So I just got back from my first visit to New York City. That place is crazy awesome. In exchange for baby-sitting my two nephews, my cousin got me tickets to the broadway show “American Idiot”, and being a heee-uge Green Day fan, it was  a dream come true. Unfortunately Billy Joel wasn’t there to play St.Jimmy, I missed him by a couple days but Davey Havoc did an epic job nevertheless. I believe everyone is really energized and wowed after their first trip and I was no different. COLD, very COLD. But that is offset by it’s pure AWESOMENESS. Central park is also an amazing place to chill out, clear your head, do some writing or work.

Other news; I’ve been using the career center more often, as I have more direction on where I want to go, and I think everyone should get on this because it is an amazing resource.It helps with major questions, internships, resumes, whatever you need basically. Wherever you are in your search, give them a call, fix an appointment and you will feel good that you went.

That’s all for now.


Dhruv Chatterjee