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Next Year At Emory

As weird as it sounds, I feel like summer is already almost over. My internship at a marketing firm in New York City ends in a week and, after that, I will be out of the country for a while before coming back home and leaving for Emory a couple weeks after that.

Still, going back will be fun. In my sophomore year, I want to balance my academics with a good social life and get to meet more new people. I also want to excel in my extracurriculars and be a leader on campus. I think I mentioned this in an earlier blog post, but between my four or five classes, position on RHA, my internship, my blogging, and my friends, I will have a pretty packed schedule.

I definitely look forward to living on the row, which I am sure will be very different from living in a freshman residence hall. I also look forward to declaring a major, meeting the new students, and being back in Atlanta.

It should be a great year, and  its weird how I’m thinking about it already. Still, if I keep the healthy balance I was talking about, it should be a fun, successful sophomore year. We’ll see in August.

Update on SYE

July has been a busy month! We have finalized the schedule of the SYE Kickoff, and I am excited to see it on the SYE website ( Many different offices have come together to offer an exciting line-up of programs for second year students at the beginning of the year. I hope the students enjoy the events, reconnect with their old friends (or make new ones!), and receive some helpful information.

The past week has been particularly exciting because SYE gained a new staff: Matt Cone! As the SYE Fellow, Matt will coordinate all of the major SYE programs, send out weekly and monthly newsletters, and find creative resources for second years. He will also supervise Woodruff Residential Center as the Residence Hall Director. (Matt just graduated from Emory, and we’re exciting he’ll be working with us for the next year!) If you know Matt, be sure to congratulate him!

The next few weeks will be fun as we advertise and generate some excitement about the upcoming school year. Move-in weekend is in just three weeks, and I’m really pumped to see all the students!