Two recommended resources for Sophomores

Hey, just wanted to point a few resources that all Sophomores should know about because I have been using these ever since I figured out about them and they really help.

Career Center – Schedule a first appointment, and from then on you will realise why this is an excellent resource.

Academic Advising – All general questions about credits/major ect. can be fixed with an appointment here. I had an issue because none of my two assigned advisers are in too much contact with me or reply to emails….. so I fixed an appointment to get some answers, and even when they cannot answer, they refer you to someone who can. Very good resources.

Enjoy guys, someone please comment or something so I feel like our blogs are actually read/my fellow bloggers are still alive haha.



American IDIOT, NYC and other less exciting stuff.

So I just got back from my first visit to New York City. That place is crazy awesome. In exchange for baby-sitting my two nephews, my cousin got me tickets to the broadway show “American Idiot”, and being a heee-uge Green Day fan, it was  a dream come true. Unfortunately Billy Joel wasn’t there to play St.Jimmy, I missed him by a couple days but Davey Havoc did an epic job nevertheless. I believe everyone is really energized and wowed after their first trip and I was no different. COLD, very COLD. But that is offset by it’s pure AWESOMENESS. Central park is also an amazing place to chill out, clear your head, do some writing or work.

Other news; I’ve been using the career center more often, as I have more direction on where I want to go, and I think everyone should get on this because it is an amazing resource.It helps with major questions, internships, resumes, whatever you need basically. Wherever you are in your search, give them a call, fix an appointment and you will feel good that you went.

That’s all for now.


Dhruv Chatterjee



I went home all the way back to Indonesia for Christmas break and I couldn’t help thinking how fast time has flown, how old I am now etc. etc. (all that good stuff). The funny thing was we did exactly the same stupid things we did as kids, and for the first break since HS, all the friends that I actually wanted to be back were back and it was EPIC.

Skip to Present: Sitting at my Aunt’s house in Norcross, only meant to visit for a day upon my return before uni… but then SNOW!!!! Man, as a kid from Asia, this stuff is miraculous. Soft clean White Fresh Awesomeness all over. 7 times in my life and 7 great days people, 7 great days. It is multi-purpose too! Serves as:

a bed/little weapons of destruction to annihilate evil/flesh and bones for snowmen and it tastes good too….Like Ice cream without any flavor…your judging me but you know it’s true. I hope that those who fail to see the snow miracle due to being desensitized at least see what I loathe, the sun, in the same miraculous light as I see snow because wow!!!… this stuff is magical. Not to mention, this stuff cancels school too, the sun can’t do that!!!

Anyways, Looking forward to a great semester ahead. Delving deeper into my Econ, Philosophy major and jumping into my spiritual side. Yes I am a God man now, so expect preaching in future posts because after all

Massive Corny line ahead: Love makes the world go around.

I wish corny lines were money, I wouldn’t need to go to college anymore. Enjoy your extended break but once the snow has melted and the year begins, make sure you have a great one. POICE!

29 August 2010

Sunday morning. Dust starts to settle on my desktop. Complex has been my home for more than a week. My job as a PACE leader was exhausting last weekend. I helped with Harris Hall move-in. My arms were like jello afterwards. But later on I got to meet my 19 PACE advisees. Most of them are Business majors who have an interest in Film Studies. They all seem to be adjusting well to Emory. My job is done.

As for SYE news, the back-to-school movie/pool party at the SAAC was really fun… even though only 6 people were in the pool [with 2/3 of them being my friends]. There was probably only 20-30 people actually watching the film (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!) on the pool deck. Kids these days. It actually saddens me when people my age miss out on significant movies of the past. I feel like there should be this huge respect for the past but many of my peers are interested in the “now.” Of course, I’m probably an anachronism… but I just think historical culture is so important in order to try to understand and solve today’s news and issues… but just also being an interesting person. I don’t know. I blame my love of VH1′s “I Love the…” series (all of which I have seen multiple times).

My classes are boss, though. My French New Wave class has a boatload of reading, but I enjoy it so it’s okay. Same for Film History. My two Psychology classes are super hard. Not sure how that happened. My Martial Arts class is so fun.

I really hope this year will be rad.

Hell Week

Well, last week was definitely my first hell week of this year. It felt like there wasn’t enough time in the week to study for financial accounting and psychology, write an IDS paper, do stats homework, hold office hours, and go to Hillel and RHA meetings. Needless to say, though, I made it. Alive.

Most of us have had a week like that, and if you have not, you probably will. It literally feels like you are helpless, and it’s miserable. The thing is though, you aren’t helpless. This is what helped me out. I was procrastinating with my work and not really being efficient, and that is why I was so stressed out. Once I organized my stuff and planned my schedule, I felt relieved.

We have to find a balance so that we can cope with stressful situations like these but not be so free and uninvolved that you lose your edge. I don’t pull all-nighters in the library, but I get my work done and see my friends regardless. This is healthy. We are on our own here, without our parents guiding us every step of the way. It’s a scary thought, but if I can do it, then you probably can too. Take this as a bit of inspiration. Be smart, get your work done, and congratulate yourself on a job well done.



I won’t usually write about this, but right now I’m definitely pretty stressed. I’m getting my work done and handling my extracurriculars, but its taking a lot of effort. RHA is going in full swing, I started my stats office hours, I’ve been pursuing my Hillel internship, and my first tests are already coming up. On top of all that, I am applying early to Goizueta and I recently found out that I will be making a speech at the Sophomore Pinning Ceremony, so I guess I will see you guys all there.

Other than that, sophomore year is going well. Sister Hazel and Block Party were fun, the row has been fun, and the weather’s been great (which is always a good thing). Going out really is what keeps me calm at this point. It’s all good.

Back in School!

It is now halfway through our third week back at school (though today was only the 10th school day) and I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m sure that everyone takes a different amount of time to adjust back to college life, especially lazy, unproductive people like me who are being suddenly overwhelmed with responsibilities. Once I got back from Italy, the most mentally trying activity I was required to participate in was doing the family’s grocery shopping. That’s not to say that I didn’t do anything academic, but it was all by my own choice. However, now I am doing hours of homework a day. Last year I was more eager to do my work, but this year I look at the tiny scribbles covering my agenda with dread, but a healthy dose of resignation. Though I don’t want to stay up past my desired bedtime to do exercises in my Italian 201 workbook, I do. That really is the bottom line, of course; I can be internally whiny and disgruntled all I want as long as I suck it up and go through with it in the end.

My life is not all about work, though. I’ve spent a lot of time recently decorating my dorm. I absolutely love my new dorm! Clifton Tower suites have a living room, kitchen, and personal bathroom in addition to the bedroom, which means I can move around and not live my life at this desk. I still use the microwave for an unfortunate amount of meals, but at least I have the option of a stove now. The decorations are all gorgeous, but they reveal a curious difference between me and my roommate. I always imagine myself as a more subdued type of person, but my style choices have proved that wrong. My comforter is a rainbow. Then, when I was picking out sofa cushions, I picked out ones with a rainbow pattern! I’m not really a rainbow person, but I like living surrounded by life, so I pick out bright, cheerful colors. Next to my crazily colorful half of the room lies my roommate’s space. Her theme is relatively easy to describe: black and white. Literally. Apart from the exception of one lime green pillow, each and every one of the decorations picked out by my roommate is black, white, or a classy mix of the two. Apparently of the two of us, I am the more bubbly. Still, it worked out for the best because no matter how funky my color choices are, our halves of the room will never clash badly.

I’ve also had two chapter meetings with my lovely sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. As wonderful as it was to be lazy this summer, I do love getting to see my college friends on a regular basis again. Though I miss my birth family, my sisters are always supportive and fun! But to go back to what I said earlier, right now I need to fulfill my homework obligations for the night. I hope everyone out there is adjusting well to school once again!


So, we’re back.

First, I want to say that living in a frat house is awesome. I have a great room, a great setup, great friends, and everything. Especially compared to being an only child at home, I definitely appreciate living here. It’s really nice seeing everyone, catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while (both in and not in my frat), and pretty much always having something going on in the house.

This kind of leads into classes. SO far, so good. Stressed out a lot about buying books (still havent really even gotten them all), keeping up with my classes and extracurriculars, and getting back into a working mode, but im finally getting back into the groove. Hopefully I will be able to handle everything i have on my plate.

Anyways, move in week is definitely overwhelming and I am glad that it is done, but at the same time its so nice being back. This was a good start to what will hopefully be a good year. Hope everyone reading this feels the same.


I don’t know what I’m doing in this city. The sun is always in my eyes.

August 16 2010

I have to be back to Emory in 4 days! That’s so weird to think about. Summer has flown by so quickly. I’m really excited to help out this year’s incoming freshmen, though. I just got my advisee list, as well. I’ll be advising 11 students this year. Most are business majors. Interesting. As a PACE advisor, I have to help with move-in which is going to be so exciting. Luckily I live on campus, too (Complex: Hopkins Hall), so I won’t be too far away from the new kids (not to sound creepy). It’s strange to think that I was in their spot just a year ago. I was so scared and yet I thought I already had learned all I needed to know about college and life (I guess I was pretty presumptuous in that regard). Well, I learned so much my first year at Emory. I went through some really bad stuff the first semester, stuff that hopefully nobody else gets to deal with. But somehow I persevered and came out on the other side unscathed. Great friends and family are SO important. I cannot stress this enough.

Now that my Blockbuster store is closed, I am unemployed. Time seems to have screeched to a standstill. Now I am beginning to understand why many people are bored. Not that I am actually bored, but I have just this aching desire to do something…anything. I’m not an artist at all, but I have this insatiable craving to do something artsy and creative. But I don’t know what. In the mean time, I’ll be cleaning my room like a madwoman in order to give myself something to do. (Let’s just say I’m not the most organized person)

Lately, I’ve been listening to lots of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Vince Guaraldi (yes, the man who composed the Peanuts music). Ah, jazz. So lovely. Makes me feel like an anachronism. There was jazz in the middle of the 1900s, doo-wop in the 50s, folk music in the late 60s and 70s, and post-punk and New Wave in the late 70s and 80s. I love it all.

Also, ebay has become my best friend lately. I bought The Red Shoes + The 400 Blows (both Criterion Collection) for under $10 altogether. I was so stoked. I also bought a few other awesome movies for $2 (like Casper…yes the Christina Ricci one, and Elephant). So definitely check ebay or for some awesome movie deals (make sure the film is Region 1, though).

Anyway, I have to go make some brownies. Bye!


Welcome to Dhruvtopia!

Summer is ending and dear old freshman year has left us all. It is time to think about what this new year holds in store for us. Will Mr. Sophomore year be as crazy? Will he be a bore that never wants to do anything exciting making us long for our good friends, Freshman year and Senior year High School? Or will he be the kind of friend whom you can have a blast with but count on for deeper things too? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer but I do know that there are tons of things that I am looking forward to.

Despite the increased difficulty of courses, our knowledge of university events, and resources is significantly larger. While everything may not be new anymore, there maybe a different excitement in knowing how to stay on top of all commitments, and understanding which events are must-attends and which are not so fly. (Aka where the free shirts and free food await us.) It will also be great to escape the stigma of “freshman” and join the (relatively higher) BOSSITUDE that comes with the term “sophomore”.

My name is Dhruv Chatterjee. I am a prospective Economics Major, and here are a few things I love: The good parts of life, food, music, Manchester United, and my shoes. I look forward to embarking on this journey with my fellow sophomores, and just like you, can only hope for an awesome year ahead.